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You're more than welcome to come along and see what we're doing. If you fancy being a local thespian, join us on stage We perform mainly dramas, mysteries and comedies but so far not musicals. leave you to guess why!

You can also help backstage, set building, set design and construction, lighting, sound props, in fact everything to make our productions go smoother. We also need help front of house, box office and marketing. if any of this tempts you please do get in touch.

Membership fees to join HADS are as below. They are due each February or on joining.

               £20 regular
               £15 concessions (Over 60 or under 18, unwaged)


In addition, £2 subscription is payable each week when attending meetings at the Church Hall. this goes towards the cost of the hire of the hall and the refreshments. Paid members who require a copy of a play for a performance receive a subsidy towards the cost. Where necessary, backstage crew are loaned a copy by the society.


For insurance purposes, only paid members may act in performances. Additionally, only paid members are eligible to vote in the AGM, normally held in May.


We commence play readings/rehearsals the first Tuesday in August or September each year (depending on the size of the production) and if you’d like to join or just come along to see what we’re up to, you will be more than welcome.


You can contact Jan Scurr initially at or ring 01895 253346

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HADS Associate Membership Application


Members are entitled to a ticket(s) for each production, invitation to the summer production when applicable (with a nominal charge for refreshments) and also our Christmas Party. Our Annual General Meeting takes place in May each year and you are welcome to attend, although you are not able to vote. Your comments and opinions will obviously be noted. The due date for subscriptions is the beginning of February each year.


Please contact Tony Scurr, tel 01895 253 346                     or 0790 375 6464

            Full Associate Member subscription (couple).................................................... £22.00

            (Entitled to two tickets per production.)

            Full Associate Member subscription (single) ......................................................£14.00

            (Entitled to one ticket per production.)

            Concession Associate Member subscription (couple): under 18/over 60 ..........£17.00

            (Entitled to two tickets per production.)

            Concession Associate Member subscription (single): under 18/over 60 ...........£9.00

            (Entitled to one ticket per production.)


           Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you.

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