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1940 - That Glorious Summer, is a play with music to commemorate the Battle of Britain, which narrowly avoided the defeat of the RAF and the probable invasion of this country. The play means to show the build-up and successful outcome of a history turning event.


In early 1940 the situation in Britain and Europe was desperate. Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and France had fallen to the Nazis and now Hitler had his eyes set on invading Britain. He ordered his airforce, the Luftwaffe, to ‘wipe the RAF from the skies’ and clear the way for his invasion, code named ‘Operation Sealion’.


The British Government had at last realised that making peace with Hitler was not going to work and a new coalition government was formed under Sir Winston Churchill, who soon got everyone on a war footing and some key appointments were made.


With good organisation and teamwork, making full use of the limited resources at the time and despite many setbacks, gradually the tide turned. The RAF was not defeated and the planned invasion of this country was postponed.


The play starts in a drawing office in Southampton where a British aircraft designer, Reginald J. Mitchell is designing a new aeroplane - the Spitfire. The contribution of British women and Polish airmen is also highlighted.


These scenes are interspersed with music and a live chorus singing wartime songs. The play will have some stunning sound effects and lighting. In other words, noisy!

 Harefield Amateur Dramatic Society. 

 St Mary's Church Hall,

 High Street,

 Harefield UB9 6BX.


Tickets from


             01895 253346


             0798 987 6024

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